Apples Customer Service Performance Has Fallen Dramatically

Apple’s customer service has long been a point of pride for the company, but as it continues to grow, keeping up with customer service gets harder and harder.

At the moment, Apple is ranked 25th in terms of customer service. In terms of online shipping, Apple fell to 14th place this year, although its shipping fulfillment time fell from 3.1 days last year to 2.6 days this year. Same-day shipping has also improved for the company this year.  Apple is also ranked 14th in terms of returns, which is based on the time and ease of the return process.

Sadly, Apple did not rank in the top 25 when it comes to email, phone and chat customer services. Chat wait times increased this quarter, up from 34 seconds last quarter. Chat availability was 100 percent, although resolution rates fell from 97 percent to 94 percent. For phone service, wait times increased to 121 seconds.

One thing that could potentially almost entirely invalidate Apple’s decline in rankings this year is that Stella recently modified its benchmarking process, so this report, especially the rankings, should be taken with a grain of salt. Although, the specific wait time and success rate numbers were unaffected by that change. In 2014, Apple ranked third overall in shipping speed.

According to, “Apple customer service is ranked #179 out of the 826 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 868 ratings.” This score rates Apple customer service and customer support as Disappointing. Here are only a few reviews on Apple Customer Service found on



  • Posted by Anonymous
    8/27/15 1:48PM
    I justo got out from Greenwich CT Apple Store. I went there to have a SOLUTION with and iPhone and the lady just erase all my iPhone I told her it was super important for me all the pictures I had in my iPhone because I didn’t have it backed up !! She didn’t care. she left me waiting for 40 minutes just to give my iPhone back empty….lost all pictures from the las 4 years!!
    I’m so mad I will just stop using all APPLE divisors. Is the second time I go to an Apple Store to finds a solution and I just get out with nothing More than anger!!!
  • Posted by Anonymous
    8/23/15 4:17PM
    Applecare+ is misleading. Spent 60 minutes on calls. Call was dropped, no call back. Didn’t know their product icloud very well, failed to find a solution or even SUGGEST a solution. I had to suggest solutions which they all rejected.
  • Posted by Anonymous
    8/21/15 2:51AM
    all they seem to want to do is sell . not enough trained staff to actually fix the item not enough stores can’t book service on line because its all full. now been waiting over two hrs and all we keep being asked is about buying. i don’t want to buy i just want my phone fixed FFS


We all know how difficult and frustrating Apples customer service can be. You have a problem with your phone? Your iPad? Your Macbook or iMac? You need to book an appointment a couple of weeks in advance. Their schedules are always so booked and it seems like it is almost impossible to get in there to get help. You can’t just bring your phone, iPad, or computer in there and get the help that you need and deserve. The Apple stores are crazy hectic. Most guests cannot even hear themselves think. Most people these days cannot go days, let alone weeks, without their iPhone. It is many peoples life-line. We need the phones working correctly for work, family, and personal reasons.
These are the types of things that bring Apples customers to stores like ours. We have great customer service here at Cobalt Computer Consulting/iPhone fix. We take walk-ins all week long for iPhone, MacBook, iMac, and iPad repairs. We complete our iPhone repairs within 30-45 minutes! There is no week long wait. Approximately 80% of water damaged iPhones that come through this store, we are able to get to come back to life. Our iPads take approximately 1-2 days to repair.  All you need to do is walk on in here and drop off your apple product. You do not need to set up appointments with us to get these important things fixed in a timely manner. Most of our customers here would much rather always come to us with any problems that they have with their Apple products then have to deal with the craziness of Apple customer service.

Although we do not offer free lessons like Apple does, we do have lessons available here. We are able to teach you anything you want to know on your Apple device. We can answer all your questions, and we can provide you with our own material. We do one-on-one lessons here in our store, or we can come to your home! We do not take walk-ins for lessons, but all you need to do with us is schedule a day or two in advance. The lessons over at the Apple store can be impossible to schedule and get into in a timely manner.

We respond to your emails in a very timely manner, and if you just have a quick question about your Apple product, you are able to call us and get an answer on what we believe could be wrong with it in seconds!

Apples disappointing customer service is what makes stores like ours very successful. So for that, I thank you Apple!




I Got Sick Of Typing My eMail Address On My iPhone, So Here Is How To Create Keyboard Macros To Automatically Type Your Email Address

I can’t believe it took me this long to come up with this idea.

I, like most of you, have typed my email address in thousands of times on my iPhone over the years. And although mine personally isn’t the worst (13 characters total including, it’s still a total pain in my ass. My time is valuable, and Siri is all but “fail” at deciphering email addresses through dictation.

So tonight, I got to thinking. How can I type a command to tell my iPhone that I want it to fill in my email address with just a couple of button clicks?

The answer?

Keyboard shortcuts.

So here’s the idea. Let’s say that my email address is, but you have to type that every time that you login to a website, account, or sign up for a new account on the internet. Well, with the steps below you’ll be able to take a 2 letter combination and make it a shortcut. So for instance, you’ll type the letters “ip” and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod will populate with in the suggestions area. Just tap it and it will fill in your whole email address that you assigned to the shortcut.

Awesome? Indeed.

Here are the steps to take to make it happen. (In iOS 8, and on the iPhone)

  1. Tap “Settings”
  2. Tap “General”
  3. Scroll down and tap “Keyboards”
  4. Tap “Shortcuts”
  5. Tap the “+” symbol in the upper right hand corner.
  6. In the “Phrase” field, type what you want your shortcut to resolve to. (i.e.
  7. IMG_9450
  8. In the “Shortcut” field, type the shortcut, or 2 letter combo. (i.e. “ip”)
  9. IMG_9451
  10. Hit “Save” in the upper right hand corner to save your command.

Now, to test it.

  1. Go to
  2. in the search box, type “ip”or your shortcut without the quotes.
  3. Your “phrase” should be suggested at this point.
  4. IMG_9452
  5. Don’t click the “X”. That will clear out the suggestion. What you actually want to do here is hit the “space” key to accept it.

That’s it.

So hopefully you all enjoy this little tip as much as I did. I now it mage my life a whole lot easier.


How to get the best iPhone trade-in price deal to help buy a new iPhone 6S

Apple releases new iPhones every September. This September, Apple will be releasing the new iPhone 6S. Every time a new iPhone is released, it drastically changes the market for used iPhones. Below is a small guide of some of the iPhone selling and trade-in options you should consider. There really is no right or wrong answer, as some options have higher prices but greater risks or hassles, while others trade greater convenience for lower prices. You should choose the one that’s best for your needs, but it is smart to make your choice before your iPhone value begins to fall.


Moderate Prices, Fewer Hassles: Selling Your iPhone To Gazelle, Amazon, or NextWorth

Gazelle, Amazon and NextWorth are three of the best-known names of all of the third-party companies offering to buy used iPhones. They all operate in the same basic way: you visit their web sites, specify your iPhone’s condition, get an offer price, then get a free shipping label to send your iPhone in. Typically, you should get paid within a week, although timing can vary based on the payment method you choose.


Amazon’s trade-in program is typically recommended ahead of the others, because under the right conditions, you can do really well here, if you are ok with receiving payment in Amazon gift cards. If your device is in perfect condition, Amazon may pay you more than other companies. A iPhone will qualify as in perfect condition if there are no scratches, chips, or dents. The prices offered for your iPhone drop quite a bit if there is any damage. They often drop lower then Gazelles prices offered if not in perfect condition.


NextWorth has one advantage over others: it locks in its prices for 30 days after issuing you a quote, so you can keep using your iPhone until you have received the replacement. But higher payouts tend to make Amazon and Gazelle more attractive as immediate selling options. Gazelle and NextWorth promise fast payments if you want to get paid using PayPal. They give out slower payments when using printed checks. NextWorth offers Discover pre-paid cards and Target gift cards as another option, where as Gazelle offers Amazon gift cards as an option.


When choosing between Gazelle and NextWorth, most people would be more likely to go with Gazelle. Here is an example price comparison: NextWorth offered $355 for the same iPhone 6 Plus that Gazelle offered $480 to purchase. Gazelle pays a premium for iPhones in great condition, and always takes the higher value of unlocked phones into account for pricing, which NextWorth doesn’t always do. With our personal experience using Gazele, half of the time they will offer you a good amount of money online for your iPhone. They will send you the free shipping label to send in your iphone. But once it gets to Gazele, they sometimes tend to call you and say “Hey. There is this, this, and this wrong with your iPhone that you did not mention online. We can now only offer you this much.” It seems to us that it is a lot easier to sell your iPhone to a local place to avoid the hassle.



Higher Prices, More Hassles: Selling Your iPhone on Craigslist or eBay

Craigslist is the option for people who are willing to take on additional risk. It is a lot less hassle to fill out an ad on craigslist than it is to post an ad on eBay. There are fewer fields to fill out when making a craigslist ad, and the listings are much simpler. Craigslist ads are locally listed. They are primarily seen by people who live relatively close to you, whereas eBay is internationally listed. Craigslist leaves you to haggle on price with potential buyers via email, then meet up in person to exchange cash for your phone. Make sure to read the anti-scam page on craigslist to be aware of scammers and to prevent yourself from being scammed during the payment process. If you live in a place where Craigslist scams or crime in general is at a high rate, I would suggest going with another option listed.


Many people sell their iPhones through eBay.  One of the downfalls of selling your iPhone on eBay is the high fees and some of the hassles involved in listing and selling. With eBay, you will typically need to take photographs of your phone, compose a listing page with a little descriptive text, respond to questions from potential buyers, and deal with common issues such as no-payment and scam bidders. You will also usually wind up paying out of your own pocket for some shipping expenses. eBay will take 10% of your final selling price, plus an additional 4% PayPal fee, and then PayPal will hold the funds until days after your buyer receives your phone. Although eBay can be a hassle, it is one of the guaranteed safe ways for transactions between two strangers.



Low Prices, High Convenience: Selling Your iPhone to Best Buy Or Apple

These next two options are for people who prefer convenience over price. 

Best Buy
Best Buy’s trade-in values are somewhat lower than Gazelle’s. Best Buy gives you the convenience of being able to walk right into a nearby retail store and get a electronic gift card on the spot for your iPhone. If you don’t mind getting paid in Best Buy store credit rather than cash, you’ll get a bit more credit than NextWorth would offer.


Apple uses a company called Brightstar to offer Apple Store gift cards under a trade-in program called “iPhone Recycle.” Using this trade-in method, you will not get as much money for your phone as you would using a different trade-in program or using eBay or Craigslist. This is as easy as just walking into the Apple store and trading in your phone right then and there.



My best advice for you is to weigh out all of these options and pick which best fits your needs. Are you in a huge rush to just get rid of your iPhone? Do you not care too much about the cash payout but more for the convenience? Then take your phone into Apple or Best Buy and get yourself a gift card. Me personally, I would want to get the most money out of my iPhone. I would trade it in on Amazon or I would put it on eBay. Amazon may pay you in a Amazon card, but that can be put towards a new iPhone from Amazon. I think that Amazon is most convenient.





Remove U2 Ablum Songs Of Innocence

How To Remove The U2 Album “Songs Of Innocence” From Your iTunes Library and Your iPhone

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think it was very cute of Tim Cook & Apple to “give” us a free album. I mean, it seemed kind of cool at the time. And I never really noticed 12,000 song iTunes library.

But then, over the next few days, I had many of our older / elderly customers coming in and asking us “Why is there a grown man hugging another grown man’s stomach in my iTunes library?”.

These ultra conservative clients were not happy about having to see that album cover, and I actually don’t blame them, as they never asked for it.

So here are the instructions on how to completely remove this album from your iTunes library on your computer, as well as your iPhone, iPad and any other Apple device that you own.

Go on over to Click Remove Album to confirm you’d like to remove the album from your account. Sign in with the Apple ID and password. (Yes. I know. What a pain. Now many of you are forced to go through the process of resetting your Apple ID password because many of you have never even used it before). After that is completed, you’ll see a confirmation message that the album has been removed from your account.

If it doesn’t disappear immediately, give it a few minutes, then go back and check in a bit and it should be gone.



The Apple Store VS An iPhone Repair Store like iPhoneFix For A Cracked Screen Repair

The Apple Store VS An iPhone Repair Store like iPhoneFix For A Cracked Screen Repair:

We here at iPhoneFix are extremely honest with all of our customers, and always reason with them and help them to debate with weather to have their iPhone screen fixed at a store like ours, or to go to the Apple Store to have the repair done.

The pros of having it repaired at a store like iPhoneFix are that we employ Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians, and will have you in and out in under 30 minutes most of the time.

The cons are that you will void any warranty that you have left on your device, and that you will pay a little more than you will at the Apple store. Currently, iPhone 6 repairs are $149 at our store, but only $109 at Apple.

The problem is, you have to schedule an appointment with the genius bar online to have your phone repaired, and currently your wait is about a week for that. Or you can walk into an Apple Store, but your wait will be several hours on average.

And no. I’m not lying.

When we tell our customers of the option of going to the Apple store, 99% of them say “I’m not going to that g** d*** Apple store! Have you been in there?! I want you to fix it. I don’t care.”.

So it comes down to one question really.

What’s your time worth to you.

So there it is in black and white. The facts.

Yes. We will void your warranty with Apple if we open your device. But, yes, you will be fixed and back on the road in a few minutes.

So the decision is yours. We hope this helps.

iphone 6 cracked

Should You Pay To Have Your Cracked iPhone Screen Fixed Even If You Have Insurance?

Many people come to our store have to as us the question, “Should I have you fix it, or should I send it into my insurance?”.

Well? Should You Pay To Have Your Cracked iPhone Screen Fixed Even If You Have Insurance?

Here is our opinion on that.

Most people bay around $12 per month for insurance through their carrier. So with that said, lets say that you have been paying your insurance for 6 months, and then you break your iPhone screen. You are, so far, $72 invested into the insurance. No lets say that you have just broken an iPhone 6. The current repair price for that iPhone is $149.

From what we hear a few things happen when you go to put in an insurance claim.

One scenario is that your insurance will replace the iPhone, but you usually have a deductible of between $130 and $150. Plus the iPhone you get is refurbished, and you also have to go through the whole process of backing up your iPhone and restoring the data to the new one. This whole scenario can take hours out of your day.

So after doing that math, along with the time involved, you are paying between $200 and $220 total (after invested insurance payments), for a refurbished iPhone.

Some customers (maybe 1%), choose to go through their insurance. But most would rather be in and out in under 30 minutes with our repair system.

So for cracked glass it is almost always better to have your glass repaired by an Apple Certified Technician, like our guys here at iPhoneFix in Jupiter.

Now, insurance is a bargain 99% of the time if your iPhone is destroyed. And only then. Because at that point, you would normally have to pay a minimum of $650 for a new iPhone 6. So this is when the insurance comes in handy.

So all in all, insurance through a second party can be a great thing, but only when your iPhone is completely destroyed.


Fixing Your iPhone

With everyone completely attached to their smartphones, it’s no wonder frustration ensues with they become broken. In a flash, they’re cut off from the world around them, unable to send texts, unable to make calls, perform searches, and, maybe worst out of everything, play games. So, what do people do when they drop their iPhone and the screen shatters into a million pieces? Or, it won’t turn on at all? Or, worst, falls into water? The problem could be a basic one or it could be more complex. No matter the case, consumers could think they could fix it without help. After all, they’ve used a screwdriver before, and they’ve been known to pry open PCs that have malfunctioned in the past. How hard could fixing your iPhone be, really?

First, consumers need to look at what the common iPhone problems are before they can figure out if they can fix them.

Battery is worn out

Rechargeable batteries do wear out, this is a sad truth. One a year is up, the batter will not last as long from charge to charge. One two years is up, the runtime will plummet even further. After a longer period of time, consumers will be lucky if they see half a day out of their batteries.

Apple, unfortunately, makes it difficult for users to replace batteries in their iPhones. Attempting do so could cause a void in the warranty. Once the first year is up, the warranty is void anyway. It’s tricky to do this, though.

For a fee, Apple replace batteries that are beyond their warranty. Local repair shops will likely do the same for less money. Check ebay for a battery, too, if you feel comfortable working on electronics. There are plenty of how-to videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process.

A Broken Screen

A broken screen isn’t covered under the warranty because it isn’t Apple’s fault that gravity broke it in the first place. However, statistically, this is the number one problem smartphone users experience.

Can consumers fix it on their own? Maybe. Consumers could probably find a YouTube video explaining the process once they find a replacement screen on ebay. Remember, though, that opening up the iPhone voids the warranty unless it is already expired.

Replacing the screen is not an easy task, either. The process is very complicated, often involving miniscule pieces of glass. Most consumers opt for hiring a professional.

The iPhone That Got Wet

Did you iPhone go for a swim? It is no mystery that water is not an iPhone’s friend. However, this does not necessarily mean the death of your device.

There is a trick: place the iPhone so it is completely submerged in rice immediately. This trick causes the rice to absorb most of the moisture out of the device.

If this trick doesn’t work, unfortunately there isn’t much a repair shop can do. You may have to replace your iPhone.

Keep it Safe

There are truthfully challenges to both repair shops and DIY options. The best safety option is to get an insurance plan at the time of purchase. This will cover any future repairs or replacements you may need. Good policies will protect consumers from just about any type of loss including a screen that cracks, water submersion, and much more.


Our new location, and a little history lesson on iPhoneFix

Busy season’s coming up and we figured we would fill everyone in on whats been going on around here while you’ve been away.

Over the last summer, we were given an opportunity to relocate iPhoneFix to a much bigger suite in the same shopping plaza (The Shoppes Of Jupiter). In this move, we doubled our square footage to 2200 SQ FT., and also bumped up our exposure considerably since we are now located directly next door to Staples. As many of you will recall, we were stuck in no-mans-land on the north end of the plaza for almost 3 years.

And we’d like to tell you a little story, the history if you will, about how that came about.

We are actually very grateful to have been allowed the opportunity to move into the plaza in the first place.

Back in 2009, I noticed an iPhone repair business in Tequesta. I approached the owner about partnering up because he fixed iPhones, and I fixed Apple computers. We started in a very small 500 SQ FT office building in Tequesta at 1630 N US Highway 1 next to Brown’s Furniture (Now Crossfit). We grew rapidly. So rapidly that within 6 months we noticed how loud, packed and busy our little location was.

As I watched the growth over the first 4 months together, I began to notice the the iPhoneFix guy didn’t seem to enjoy his job or the people very much, so I decided to approach him about a buyout. Long story short, I negotiated a fair deal and obtained ownership and all rights to And it was all part of a vision. I could see how badly we were needed in the Apple industry.

The next move was to try to find a bigger place with some foot traffic, as our current location was very hard to find, and even harder to slow down and turn into from US 1. So I started talking to a friend who owned Samantha’s Restaurant in the Shoppes Of Jupiter plaza. He offered to talk to the leasing managers for me. It was a long shot for a couple of reasons. One, we probably couldn’t afford it, and secondly, we weren’t professional looking enough (we thought) to be a tenant. Then there was the third problem. We fixed all computers, including Windows PC’s, and Staples would probably have a problem with that.

So to my dismay, and after a little bit of back and forth, the plaza owners decided to take a chance on little ‘ol me. The number that they threw out at us for the monthly rent nearly knocked me out of my shoes. I immediately stated that there was no way I could ever afford that king of rent. Then he calmly said “We’ll give you 6 months of free rent. Just get down here and see what happens. We think your idea is going to do well in our plaza.”.

Well, I was very nervous, and not too sure about this risk, but we took a shot.

We moved in in February of 2010, and plugged away for 6 months, putting very single cent back into the company. We started with nothing and did it all with no credit. Not that we didn’t have any, but that’s just the way we wanted it. We were amazed that, even though we were all of the way at the end of the plaza, and the only people that found us were people who got stuck in the overflow parking for the movie theater. So for years we were a “best kept secret” kind of a place in a way. Even up until our recent move in July 2013, we’d still hear it weekly when customers would walk in. “Wow this is great! How long have you guys been here?!?!” To which we’d smile and reply, “3 years”.

As our client base and reputation grew, so did our popularity with both the locals and our beloved “snow birds”. From mid October to mid May, our little city of Jupiter turns into crazy town. And with the craziness, our store became louder and louder. And our computer benches were more packed with repairs every year. In fact, this last year there were several times that we had no more room for computers on our benches. We knew that if we didn’t expand soon, that the next season was going to be unbearable for everybody. The customers and the employees alike.

So in May of 2013, we put an offer in on an old suite that had been empty for almost 10 years. Again, we never thought we’d be able to afford it since it was twice the size of our last location, but we worked it out with the leasing agent, and were very excited to be told that they accepted our offer. We took possession of our new location, 201 N US Highway 1, Suite E2, Jupiter, FL 33477, in mid July.

Now, we knew we had a lot of work to do before the next season kicked in, so we worked nonstop to make everything as perfect as possible for the next 2 months. The final outcome? Better than any of us had ever imagined. Even myself.

In closing we are very proud of what our little store has accomplished. It’s really cool to watch something grow from it’s infancy to what it has so far today. And it goes without saying, that there is no way we’d still be chugging along like we are without our awesome, faithful customers and clients. You can tell by our reviews online that we are well like and needed in our local community. We want to thank everyone that has ever done business with us, as well as the city of Jupiter, FL.

Our home. Our paradise.